Fast Tracking


Authors sometimes have to meet publication deadlines, e.g. for promotion & tenure or thesis defense, grant proposals, spending of research funds before a certain deadline, publication of follow-up papers, or because the findings are deemed important.

To facilitate a speedy turn-around when a rapid decision is required, WSP offers a review model in which selected peer reviewers may be paid to deliver speedy peer-review reports. This is entirely optional – if you do not wish to pay for a fast-track peer review process, just submit your paper normally.

Step 1.                  Submit your paper and apply for the fast-tracking review service;

Step 2.                  Get the review within 4 days.

Step 3.                  If the decision is to accept, you need to pay the fast-tracking fee, and your paper will be published within 3 days.

Step 4.                  If the final paper is to reject, you don’t need to pay the fast-tracking fee.

The reviewer will receive all the fast-tracking fees for a fast & high quality report. Fast-tracking is now available for all journals