English Editing

English Editing

Helping English Speakers of Other languages (ESOL)


We all need a little help with our written English once in a while. At Journal Prep, our team of editors is ready to help you improve your manuscript quickly, professionally, and with the expert touch needed to get published. Nobody wants to see a paper get rejected because of the quality of written English. With our help, you can avoid those negative comments from peer reviewers and focus your time and energy on your work instead of worrying about things like punctuation and grammar. Whether you need extensive editing or simply a light touch-up, we are here to help you get things done!



About Us

Our team of English editors is made up of over 100 individuals with academic backgrounds ranging from biology to mathematics, art history to political science, and many more. Our English editors all hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in their respective fields and are ready to edit papers in all academic disciplines.


Contact Us: englishedit@worldsciencepublisher.org

English Editors

 Fran Schnall Graduate of Teachers College with eight years experience teaching ESOL at City University of New York and other schools. She can help you edit your papers. Also availabe to improve your oral or written English or prepare for the TOEFL/GRE exams. Reasonable rates. Email: franschnall@gmail.com
 BETTY PEREZ Worked as 1) the administrative assistant in the JJ BLAKE TECHNICAL SERVICES, LLC; 2) Data Entry Clerk in CITIBANK; 3) Office Assistant in HIP-Billing New York. E-mail: gipsy320@yahoo.com
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Service Scope

  • Academic Manuscript
  • Thesis or Dissertation
  • Research Grant
  • Conference Abstract
  • Non-academic documents
  • et al.

File Formats

  • doc
  • docx
  • txt
  • pdf