Yakub D.M., I. M Bakr


In order to prevent accidents at construction sites and also to prevent costly OSH fines, there is need for proper documentation of safety and health programs on sites. Records of item such as policy statement, training and promotion, minute of meetings, information distributed to employees should be kept etc. This will allow for review and updating continually and demonstrate a good faith effort toward the safety and health of employees at construction sites. The objective of the paper is to determine the level of compliance of the establishment of safety and health program and activities. This involves checking of occupational safety and health related document and records at construction sites. A  standardized questionnaire were used in the  documents checking at three (3) different sites selected  within Kuala Lumpur and its environment, i.e the construction industry standard (CIS),refer to as CIS 10: 2008. An average score of 60.32% was obtained from the 3 sites, which mean that all documents as regard to potential and significant risks/hazards at the construction sites are averagely managed and documented, but still there are other work related activities at workplace that are not properly managed and documented. Therefore, a competent and responsible person be assigned to manage OHS records and documents on sites, in order to providing an effective OSH responsibility and to communicated to all levels including providing safety orientation and employing safety promotion through various means.


Program, Activities, Construction, Responsibilities, Safety.

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