Critical Look at the Concept of Motivation: A Socio-Cultural Perspective

Javad Mohammad Janpour


Until recently, motivation has been considered to be an individual phenomenon. Motivational theorists have accordingly conceptualized key constructs in individualistic terms and emphasized the individual origins and nature of motivation, although they have also long recognized that contextual or social factors have a significant influence on these individual processes. This conceptualization has been questioned as theorists have suggested, after Vygotsky, that motivation, like learning and thinking, might be socio-cultural in nature. To have a better look at the concept of motivation from a socio-cultural perspective, the paper is divided into three sections: (1) concept of motivation and the approaches to it; (2) a brief look at the concept of sociocultural perspective in the realm of language learning; and (3) a critical look at the concept of motivation from socio-cultural perspective.


Motivation, Socio-cultural theory

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