Elderly and cultural discourse

Samad Abedini, Robabeh Pourjabali, Monir Rostampoor-Vajari


There is a transformation of social transformation and change social institutions like the family, the manifest and latent functions of many social phenomena are subject to change approach to aging is influenced by culture. In this paper we seek a better understanding of the situation of the elderly in our community  what kind of look at the positive and negative attitudes toward the elderly and its impact on how people and what impact it would have on the lives of seniors. It's kind of a social factor that is involved in nursing culture. Also in this issue we're trying to determine what impact, positive attitude, and satisfaction with quality of life and health of older people will what effect will a positive view of their role negative attitudes and seems to have a positive attitude to the elderly to be more activity impact they will have on quality of life and having a positive attitude will lead to the development community. In addition, some of the cultures of the people notice what kind of attitude we have the man why aging is an inevitable for everyone.


Culture; Satisfaction; Social transformation; Positive attitudes; Negative attitudes

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