The triangle, quality health and life satisfaction in elderly

Monir Rostampoor-Vajari, samad Abedini, 3Robabeh Pourjabali


Satisfaction and quality of life over the life of Anna's life is good. Elderly cortical segments of society that must be respected to have gratified their lives. In this paper, we try to create older things that satisfaction to know. Measure of the health of elderly people increase their life expectancy. Life expectancy, high life satisfaction of the elderly increases. Therefore, the social participation of elderly people increases. Aged between physical and mental health and satisfaction with social participation and there is a positive meaningful relationship. In this paper, in addition to identifying ways to improve health satisfaction can increase satisfaction. The current population of elderly and middle-aged, not-too-distant future we're introduced to a group of seniors. Elderly must have believed that aging means of negotiations and will not isolationism and depression. It means the movement and dynamic load experienced seniors on the meaning of life lies. That should bring the history and culture of the community and humanity. The elderly in families and enhance their satisfaction also means respect for human life and the means to grow and develop in all areas of the country are.


Elderly; Satisfaction; Behavioral; Quality of life

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