Study of Efflorescence on Different Types of Bangladeshi Bricks and Relation between Degrees of Efflorescence with the Type of Bricks

Tanveer Ahmed Khan


The work presents a practical investigation on the degree of efflorescence on different types of bricks available in Bangladesh. A relationship between the type of brick and degree of efflorescence is observed. The study is performed on five different types of samples. For this purpose the general procedure for a brick production is followed by making two samples of customized brick from two different types of soil which includes black soil and red soil, besides the collection of readymade first-class, second-class and third-class bricks. The first-class brick is provided by the “Department of Chemical Engineering, BUET”, where as the rest two samples are collected from two different brickfields in Gazipur. The black soil and red soil is collected from brickfields in Savar and Gazipur. The test of efflorescence was conducted on total eight samples according to Civil Engineering Standard. The degree of efflorescence is found lowest for first class brick, higher for second class and highest for third class. The customized two brick samples attained first class and second class property and showed efflorescence accordingly .The whole experimentation is conducted at “Corrosion Lab” in “Department of Chemical Engineering, BUET”.


Study, Efflorescence, Brick, Bangladesh.

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