Effective Variables in Taking Care of Elder People Based on Different View, Especially for 16-24 and 35-55 Category of Ages

Monir Rostampoor-Vajari, Samad Abedini


First, we consider the most important involved variables those we practically believe that effecting in our life concerning taking care of elder people in population of Rasht city which is the capital city of province Gilan, Iran. In this paper, we first study the most usual problems of elder people. Then, we investigate on whether the identified variables such as: religious beliefs, social behaviors, family and upbringing children in their families, gender (male or female), income and (urban or rural) residence effect on taking care of elderly people or not. The all results are based on the first author’s MA thesis under supervision second author.


Effecting variables; Elderly; Taking care; Social behaviors; Upbringing; Religious beliefs

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