Asbestos: A potential food contaminant and associated safety risks to consumers

Anupam Roy, Kalyani Khanra, Avik Mukherjee, Nandan Bhattacharyya


Due to low cost of the material, asbestos is being used (mostly in its powder form) profusely as a food adulterant particularly in developing countries like India. Unfortunately, a large section of Indian consumers are unaware about the risk of persistent intake of this toxic silicate mineral. This leads to involuntary exposure to this carcinogenic food adulterant leading to different degrees of serious lung problems that may lead to even lung cancer.  This paper attempts to review the scope of this food adulteration problem, and its implications on consumers and handlers. Finally, this paper is an effort to generate awareness on health impact(s) that this food adulterant may have upon sustained exposure.


Asbestos, Toxic, Adulterant, Regulation

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