Effect of Aqueous Cucurbita pepo Linn seed Extract on Some Haematological parameters and Serum Electrolytes of Lactating Female Albino Rats

Eze Ejike Daniel


The present study investigated the effect of aqueous Cucurbita pepo Linn seed extract on some haematological parameters and serum electrolytes of lactating female albino rats. A total of twenty five (25) female healthy wistar albino rats were used for study. They were assigned into the following groups as follows: Group 1: Served as control group and received 1ml of distilled water, Group 2: Received metoclopramide 5mg/kg body weight, Group 3: Received 250 mg/kg b w of C. pepo L,. Group 4: Received 500 mg/kg b w of C. pepo L. and Group 5:  Received 1000 mg/kg b w of C. pepo L. All regimen was given orally once daily for a period of eight (8) days, starting from day 3 to day 11 of lactation. The acute toxicity and phytochemical screening were carried out. The result of acute toxicity studies showed that the aqueous Cucurbita pepo Linn seed extract was safe up to 5000 mg/kg b w. Phytochemical screening of the extract revealed the presence of carbohydrates, glycosides, cardiac glycosides, saponins, tannins, flavanoids and alkaloids. The result obtained from this study showed that the extract significantly decreased (p<0.05) the level of red cell count in the group treated with 1000 mg/kg b w when compared with the control group. However, total white blood cell count and neutophil counts were statistically significantly decreased (p<0.05) in the groups treated with 1000 and 250 mg/kg b w respectively when compared to the control group. However, there was a significantly decreased (p<0.05) serum sodium ion and potassium ion level in the groups administered with 500 and 250 mg/kg b w respectively when compared to the control group. It can be concluded that the plant extract did not produce a significant change on haematological parameters and serum electrolyte profile. However, the red cell count and serum sodium and potassium ions were significantly altered when compared to the control group.



Calcium ion; cucurbita pepo Linn; lactation; packed cell volume; red cell; leucocytes; sodium ion; potassium ion

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