HYSYS Simulation of a Sulfuric Acid Plant and Optimization Approach of Annual Profit

Niaz Bahar Chowdhury


Sulfuric acid is a basic chemical used intensively all over the world. One can determine the prosperity of a nation by measuring the annual use of sulfuric acid of that country. Also sulfuric acid is a very important basic chemical, widely used in different industrial sector. The main purpose of the study is to simulate and optimize the annual profit 98.4% sulfuric acid plant by Aspen HYSYS 3.2. In this project, a simplified sulfuric acid production process is simulated and optimized. In order to simulate this process some process operational data of the Sulfuric Acid plant of WATA CHEMICALS LIMITED are used. The optimization criterion of the process is to maximize the annual profit. This study will be helpful for the entrepreneurs who are interested to build a sulfuric acid plant. Also this study will be very helpful for the plant operators to run the factory efficiently by minimizing the process system requirement.


Sulfuric Acid, Converters, Aspen HYSYS, Annual Profit, Optimization

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