Alternative Artificial Immunotherapy for Common Snakebites

sambasivarao yaragalla


An urgent need for additional methods to treat Snake bite conditions led us to assess the Development of Therapeutic IgY Antibodies for common snake bites. Egg Yolk Polyclonal IgY is far more sensitive, stable and superior than polyclonal IgG antibodies raised in mammalian system, since IgY doesn’t bind to human complements, rheumatoid factor, protein A or G would not show cross reactivity and would not cause serum sickness. Development of therapeutic IgY antibodies for common snake bites involves isolation and purification of polyvalent antivenom IgY antibodies against combined snake venom antigens namely cobra venom, krait venom, Echis venom and Russell viper venom that are commonly present in India, using chicken efficiently.  Standardizing and optimizing the dosage to have a proper immune response without much lethality is based on their LD50. The developed IgY Antibodies are characterized immunologically performing Ag – Ab reactions includes DID, CIE, RID, RIE, IE and  molecular weight of the antigens  were determined using SDS-PAGE.A new antidote to snake bites has been developed. It is inexpensive as the IgY antibodies are raised from eggs compared to older methods that used mammalian system to raise IgG antibodies. A further advantage is that the IgY antibodies can be stored at room temperature. The results of this project support the need for clinical trials of polyvalent IgY antivenom in the treatment of snake bite conditions.

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