Syrian Hegemony over Lebanon After the Lebanese Civil War

Youssef Bassil


This paper examines carefully the Lebanese-Syrian relations upon the end of the French mandate, and prior to, during, and after the Lebanese civil war. It systematically discusses the Syrian military intervention in Lebanon during the Lebanese civil war and its consequences on Lebanon as a sovereign country which have led to plenty of hegemonizing joint Syrian-biased agreements, accords, pacts, and treaties, in addition to a Syrian-controlled puppet regime installed in Lebanon whose impact continues to been seen to the present days, on the freedom of speech, human rights, international laws, and political repressions. This paper approaches the problem of Syrian hegemony over Lebanon from the theory of political hegemony of modern political economy which analyses and evaluates the control of wealth, the control of resources and raw materials, and the control of the market exerted by the Syrian government over Lebanon.


Political Science; Hegemony Theory; Lebanese-Syrian relations; Syrian Hegemony over Lebanon

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