Damage Assessment in Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber Composites subjected to Drop Weight Mechanical Impact

Rabia Abid


In this work, experiments have been performed on carbon fiber composite flat panels to assess damage to these composites subjected to different mechanical impact energy levels. In the low range samples were tested from 0.5 J to 5J, and for high impact energies samples were tested from 20J to 68J. In the low range up to 5J the sample layups used were cross ply with 16plies and quasi-isotropic with 20 plies. For high impact energies above 20 J only quasi-isotropic samples were used. Mechanical Impact set up with an impactor size of 16 mm has been used. Residual Strength has been measured before and after the mechanical impact testing using three point bend tests. Ply level damage and surface delamination has been measured using scanned electron microscopy for samples impacted under low impact range up till 5J. Samples enduring higher impact energies were C scanned for damage visualization, no microscopy was performed for samples impacted at higher impact energy. 


carbon composites, mechanical impact, residual strength

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