Design, Fabrication & Trial run of Experimental Parboiling & Drying Integrated Unit: A special Focus to Kinetics of drying and quality of rice.

Anupam Roy, Radha Das, Amalesh Sirkar, Nandan Bhattacharyya


Effort has been made to design a set up   combining the parboiling and drying steps in an integrated unit. It consists of four parts: the heating section with steam chamber, parboiling section, blower section and the drying chamber. The novelty of this design is in the energy utilization process. The steam generation unit is used not only for parboiling purpose but also is used as a part of energy source of drying process. Besides a counter current air flow, heated to a temperature of 54 °c with steam, picks up moisture of parboiled paddy and carry it to the outer end of drier. The drying is performed in two stages with an intermediate tempering time of 30 minutes between drying steps. The variable of drying step is performed upon air temperature, air velocity. The efficiency of traditional parboiling and sun drying, improved parboiling by the new design with sun drying and parboiling and drying by integrated unit  was compared through their effects on certain physical and cooking quality. The result indicates the design to be a potent parboiling unit as well as drying unit. Results showed that the quality of improved parboiling by the design with sun drying score maximum  and the result for  parboiling -drying by integrate unit  and traditional parboiling and sun drying shows nearly about same result. Although the result of the two processes is near about same, reduction of time coupled with reduction in labor signifies the design to be effective in rural use. Hence the design results good indication to become a potent parboiling and drying by the integrated unit in near future via modifications.


Paddy, Parboiling, Design, Fabrication, Trial run

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