A Proposed Model for Minimization of Test Suite

Ankur Prakash Mudgal


Software Testing is a critical part of software development. Software testing and retesting occurs continuously during the software development lifecycle. As software grows and evolves, new test cases are generated and added to a test suite to exercise the latest modifications to the software. Over several versions of the development of the software, some test cases in the test suite may become redundant with respect to the testing requirements for which they were generated since these requirements are now also satisfied by other test cases in the suite that were added to cover modifications in the later versions of software. Due to time and resource constraints for retesting the software every time it is modified, it is important to develop techniques that keep test suite sizes manageable by periodically removing redundant test cases. This process is called test suite minimization. Test suite reduction (TSR) is to find a subset of the test suite containing a minimal number of test cases that can satisfy all test requirements. Test suite reduction techniques attempt to remove redundant test cases. This paper proposes a new model for the minimization of test suite, which is based on the boolean function simplification.


Software testing; test case; test suite minimization; regression testing; PMMTS algorithm

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