Simulation Comparison between HFSS and CST for Design of Conical Horn Antenna

Fahad Shamshad, Muhammad Amin


In this paper comparison between two famous antenna design softwares, HFSS and CST microwave studio, has been made by simulating the circular horn antenna. These days it is very important to sort out the software which is best suited to our required antenna design. Complex antenna structures cannot be simulated without using these softwares, known as electromagnetic solvers Results are compared for accuracy and simulation time. Circular horn antenna has been selected due to its moderate directivity (gain), low SWR, broad bandwidth, and simple construction and adjustment.3D models of horn antennas in both softwares are presented with their 3D and polar gain plots. Brief overview of these softwares along with their operating environment and different tools used in it are also given.


HFSS; CST; Conical Horn

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