Implementation of SSB Modulation/Demodulation using Hilbert Transform in MATLAB

Abdul Basit, Waqar Aziz, Farhan Zafar


To facilitate communication over large distances, modulation is the right key. Different parameters of the transmitted signal are varied as per the system requirement. Single Side Band (SSB) is the refined form of Amplitude Modulation providing bandwidth and power efficiencies. In this paper we analyze the SSB modulation scheme using Hilbert Transform approach. Hilbert Transform finds its applications in the field of signal processing because of its ability to maintain a phase shift of  between the carriers which is necessary for orthogonality. 5th order low pass Butterworth filter is designed and applied at the receiver end for the recovery of data. All the simulations are performed by using MATLAB by Math works,


Modulation; SSB; Hilbert Transform; Butterworth; MATLAB

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