Integrating ADS and MATLAB for Wireless Transmission through Serial RS-232 Port

Shoaib Hassan, Ali Raza, Saqib Saleem


-- Design and optimization is considered to be the most important part in a successful and efficient system setup.  Once the system model is prepared on paper it is difficult to predict to what extent the system is going to be successful especially in RF related applications where the features of wireless communication gets involved. The basic model that the designer comes across on software remains the most critical part. Modeling applications as high power amplifiers, high frequency mixers, matching networks, optimization of antenna, modulators and for many other systems and subsystems ADS has been chosen as the most premier choice. Hewlett Packard Advance Design system (HPADS), a product of Agilent Technologies, includes a wide variety of simulation tools. Not only that the stationary plots can be viewed but real time data plots can also be analyzed with very minute error.



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