How Financial Agglomeration Effects on Regional Economic Growth

ning zhang


 –Since from 20th century 70s,with the economic integration and financial globalization, international capital flows accelerated and the reorganization of international financial industry, caused financial activities and financial institutions aggregated in the financial center. Modem market economy has proved that there exists very close interaction between financial development and economic development. And China’s regional economic development differences are depends on the regional differences in financial development in a large part. Although China has established a relatively sound financial system, but also formed a certain scale of financial concentration regions, but there are also many problems need to be solved, like the layout of financial resources and financial center construction,etc. The study on the finance agglomeration has great actual significance for the development of China regional economic and finance. Like the study on the characteristics of financial concentration in China, the impact to regional economic development, promoting regional financial healthy development and the strategies of financial reforms. And these studies have great theoretical significance to financial services industrial cluster theory research.

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