Humanizing Foreign Language Instruction: Literature as a Resource

Mohammad Khatib, Hossein Ahmadi


Abstract- With the emergence of audiolingualism, the teaching of literature was glowered upon. However, most objections were linguistically based and literature maintained its position as a source for teaching culture (Valdes, 1986). Long (1986) considers the idea of “ literature for the humanist and language for the scientist” as an unfortunate split as literature and language can help one another and they should not be separated (p. 43). Along the same line, this article argues how literature can serve to humanize foreign language teaching. First, some of the principles of humanistic education are discussed. Then how literature is related to these principles is dealt with. Finally, humanistic approaches to teaching literature and language are presented.

Keywords- Humanizing, Language, Teaching, Literature


Humanizing, Language, Teaching, Literature

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