The Effect of Literature Enhancing on Critical Thinking

Mohammad Khatib, Ogholgol Nazari


Abstract: Significance of literature teaching in improving academic skills is echoed in not few studies, of which reference can be made to Mckay (1982). Besides, critical thinking is widely considered as a vital skill (Dewey , 1933; Facione, 1990) and a correlate of academic performance (e.g. Hashemi & Zabihi, 2012). This study investigated the effect of teaching poetry on students’ critical thinking abilities. To this aim, a total of 60 students, at two classes, one control group and one experimental, at high intermediate level participated in the study. The students in the control group were taught poems for 10 sessions. Besides, both classes were given Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal, Form A (WGCTA-FA) at the beginning and end of the term. The results of CTA were sub mitted to SPSS version 16 and analyzed through paired T-test. The results of the control group, showing a significant difference between the two adminsterations of the CAT, indicated the role of literature as a recourse in enhancing critical thinking of the students at high intermediate level.


Critical thinking, literature teaching, resource

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