How to Write User Manuals, User Guides, Installation Guides, Online Helps, Instructional Manuals and Reports for Increasing Profitability of Enterprises

Sumit Goyal


This paper describes the steps for making user manuals, user guides, installation guides, online helps, instructional manuals and reports for business enterprises. Companies invest so much in their products, but when they sell their products to a customer, who is unaware of how to use them, has only a booklet available with him/her. If the language written in that booklet is more of technical nature and not understandable to the user, then that adversely affects the business of the enterprise. On the other hand, if the language written in the user guide, user manual or installation guide is simple and easy to understand then customer would be happy, and in turn the enterprise. This communication reports how to prepare effective and simple user guides, user manuals or installation guides for laymen customers.


User Manuals; User Guides; Installation Guides; Instructional Manuals; Online Helps; Reports; Technical Writer; Content Writer; Profit; Enterprises

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