The Trial: A Bureaucratic System in Foucault’s View

Afrouz yari


The Trail is Kafka’s contrasting with his turmoil mind, a chaotic world that all of his characters have problem with the bureaucratic society and have the same characteristic like: isolation, retreat, and obstinacy. Franz Kafka and Michel Foucault, are two different extremely men theories many of the same topic including Justice, lawlessness, Power, discipline and punishment. The paper deals with the description and exploration of these formations offers better information of Kafka’s world and his often ambiguous texts. Thus Foucault’s understanding of discourse and unconventional history of discipline proved a helpful for this paper. Kafka sought to represent negative reality of his world the political, social and legal reality in which he was immersed. K.'s struggle in The Trial can be seen as a reflection of the modern struggle with sovereignty as the triad justice, law, power, and the impasse that K. reaches is also the impasse that modernity has reached. The concept of this matter Justice, lawlessness, institutional Power, docile bodies and punishment are the subject matter of the present paper.


Discipline, Justice, Lawlessness, Punishment, Power

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