Wireless Intrusion Detection Systems

ibrahim hassan alshurbaji, rafat al amer


The rapid proliferation of wireless networks and mobile computing applications has changed the landscape of network security,the wireless networks have changed the way business, organizations work and offered a new range of possibilities and flexibilities; It is clear that wireless solutions are transforming the way we work and live. Employees are able to keep in touch with their e-mail, calendar and employer from mobile devices, but on the other hands they introduced a new security threats appeared. While an attacker needs physical access to a wired network in order to gain access to the network and to accomplish his goals, a wireless network allows anyone within its range to passively monitor the traffic or even start an attack ,one of the countermeasures that can be used is the intrusion detection systems in order to allow us to know both the threats affecting our wireless network and our system  vulnerabilities in order to prevent those attackers, the IDS  its main purpose is to manage the system and its operations and Its duty depends on .


Network security; IDS; IPS; wireless intrusion detection; wireless intrusion prevention

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