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International Journal of Water Knowledge is established as International Journal of excellence to promote innovative perspectives on making the most of Water Resources. Decision-makers are facing ever-increasing challenges in meeting demands for Water resources from limited resources. To manage these complexities, new ideas and practices are needed in developing solutions. International Journal of Water Knowledge has been developed to meet this challenge by extending beyond the conventional education and training provided by other institutions. It aims, through state-of-the-art executive education, research and capacity development programs, to accelerate the shift from a focus on Water resources supply augmentation and direct service provision to integrated Water Sustainability management and service regulation.

Mission, Aims and Focuses:

International Journal of Water Knowledge’s mission

• Enhance researches, skills, knowledge, and tools to develop future Water strategies and policies based on integrated thinking across sectors.

• Support active implementation of the learning beyond the Academy. It will continue to assist participants in any moves to develop their enabling Water, institutional frameworks, promote policies, and organizational capacity after studying a program.

International Journal of Water Knowledge's Objectives

• To develop and deliver executive education for leaders, senior professionals and policy-makers from the public and private sectors.

• To provide technical coaching and mentoring services to executive leaders in managing change, reform or transformation at organizational, sector and national level.

• To provide a continuous learning environment for alumni and other professionals in areas of Water strategic.

Vol 1, No 1 (2012)

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Ecology of Zooplankton in the Rice Field Agro-ecosystems of Kashmir Valley (J and K) India. PDF
Shahzadi Wufai naw Bahaar 1-5

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