Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Acid-Neutralizing Contents of Selected Palestinian Folk Medicinal Herbs

Orwa Jaber Housheya


Various herbal plants have been used worldwide to remedy various diseases. The healing aspect of herbal plants have been accepted in many cultures and have been known as alternative medicine. Some herbs may consist of pharmaceutical ingredients suitable to treat certain cases such as stomach acidity or ulcers. Our aim was to verify the claim that some herbal “folk” plants can be used as an alternative for neutralizing the stomach acidity. Therefore, the purpose of this research was to test selected herbal plants for anti acid efficacy and estimate the acid-neutralizing capacity by addition of excess acid, followed by back-titration of the excess acid with sodium hydroxide. The anti acid capacity of the herbs was compared with that of anti acid tablets containing magnesium hydroxide and calcium carbonate as the active ingredient. 


Herbal plants; Antacid capacity; Back-titration; Anti-ulcer medicine

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