Preconcentration and Remediation of Cadmium Ions with Poly (Ethylene Imine) in Conjunction with Ultra Filtration

Mamta Chhabra Sharma, SANDEEP KUMAR SHARMA


Polymer - metal interactions are of great analytical and technological interest. In this study a typical water soluble polymer PEI with amine groups at its backbone has been used to preconcentrate and remove heavy metal ions (e.g., Cd(II)) from contaminated aqueous streams using liquid-phase polymer-based retention (LPR) technique. PAUF is a membrane process based on the initial complexation of a water-soluble polymeric material. Poly (Ethylene Imine) PEI has been complexed with a target Cd(II) ions followed by their separation from the aqueous solution by an ultrafiltration process using polysulphone membrane. The effect of operating variables such as metal/polymer ratio and pH on retention of cadmium has been investigated. It has been established that increased pH and decreased metal/polymer loading ratio (LR) caused higher retention of cadmium. Retentions stay almost constant at a value very close to unity until a critical LR or pH value was touched.


Water Soluble Polymers (WSP); Polymer Assisted Ultra Filtration (PAUF); Association constant; Loading Ratio (LR); HYPERCHEM 8.2; 3D Mapped isosurface molecular graph

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