Chemical Composition and Wound healing activity of Volatile oil of Leaves of Azadirachta indica A.juss

Indra Prasad Pandey, Sayed Farooq Ahmed, Suman Chhimwal, Shalini Pandey


The volatile oil of Azadirachta indica was extracted by hydro distillation method and analyzed chemically by GC-MS. Analysis of volatile oil of Azadirachta indica leaves was determined. Thirty two compounds were identified which represent 84.98% of total oil. Intramuscular administration of the volatile oil to albino rats resulted in LD50 value 0.428ml/kg. Wound healing potential of volatile oil of leaves of Azadirachta indica for treatment of wounds in rats was studied on excision and incision wound models. Various parameters of incision wound, viz epithelization period, scar area, tensile strength and hydroxyproline measurements along with wound contraction were used to evaluate the effect of Azadirachta indica on wound healing. Intramuscular administration of the oil to anaesthetized rats (0.2143ml/kg body wt) decreases the surface area of the wound and increasing the tensile strength. Dexamethasone was used as a positive control. Complete epithelization was observed within 15 days with Azadirachta indica volatile oil. Measurements of the healed area and the hydroxyproline level were in good agreement.


Azadirachta indica; volatile oil; GC/MS; wound healing

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