Pressure-Temperature Diagram Analysis of Liquefied Petroleum Gas and Inspection of Retrograde Phenomenon

Niaz Bahar Chowdhury


The study on P-T (Pressure-Temperature) diagram of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is an important thermodynamic characteristic regarding LPG storage, retrograde phenomena, vapour liquid equilibrium, heating value and BLEVE (Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapour Explosion) phenomena. Nevertheless, the quantitative and detail study on the P-T diagrams for various compositions of LPG is still in great scarcity. Hence, the P-T diagram of LPG is analyzed extensively in the present study. Aspen-Hysys process simulator is used to generate the P-T diagram of LPG. From these P-T diagrams retrograde phenomenon is analyzed extensively for different temperature and pressure which is a very important criterion for LPG storage and maintaining proper vapour pressure in the storage tank and in the supplied bottle. Explanations of the observed effects are also provided in this study. The present study will help the researchers, manufacturers, bottlers, and distributors of LPG to a great extent


P-T Diagram, Retrograde Phenomenon, Cricondentherm, Cricondentherm, Aspen HYSYS.

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