Occurrence and prevalence of four viruses infecting tomatoes in Northern districts of West Bank, Palestinian Territories

Hazem D Sawalha


Studying tomato viruses during 2003/2004 using immunosorbent assays revealed that tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV) was the most dominant disease infecting tomato plants in the northern districts of the West Bank particularly Jenin and Tobas as its incidence ranged from 28-93%. The maximum disease incidence of 90-93% was recorded in Al-Far'a region of Tobas district. Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) was the second most prevalent virus of tomato in the studied regions as its incidence ranged from 15-51%. Tomato infection with tomato mosaic virus (TMV) and potato virus Y (PVY) was considered insignificant as these viruses were detected in very few tomato samples.


Tomato; Viruses; Palestine

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