Analyzing Constrained Machining Conditions in Turning Operations by Differential Evolution

Yograj Singh, Pinkey Chauhan


Machining processes are the core of manufacturing industry, where raw material is shaped into a desired product by removing unwanted material. The determination of optimal machining conditions is very crucial while producing high quality products at minimal costs. This paper proposes the process parameter optimization of multi pass turning operations. The multi-pass turning includes several rough passes and single finish pass with several constraints around twenty, imposed during roughing and finishing operations on tool life, surface finish, cutting forces, machining power and chip-tool interface. In this paper Differential Evolution (DE), a potential global optimizer, is employed to obtain the optimal set of parameters that minimize the total unit production cost under several constraints. Results obtained using DE are compared with results obtained using PSO, GA and ACO as recorded in literature.


Multi pass turning operation; Parameter optimization; Unit Production cost;Differential Evolution

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