An Effective Address Allocation and Routing Mechanism for Confidential Communication in MANET

VISHESH SINGH, Arun Kumar Giri


A Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) consists of a set of identical mobile nodes communicating with each other via wireless links. The network's topology may change rapidly and unpredictably. In mobile ad hoc networks, however, there is no fixed infrastructure and nodes do not have access to a centralized server to acquire IP addresses. And, due to node mobility, network partitions and merges are frequent occurrences. Such events create the possibility of duplicate addresses within the network. Therefore, a centralized approach cannot be applied in these networks; a distributed and dynamic mechanism is needed for nodes to acquire and maintain a unique IP address in mobile ad hoc networks. Further, due to unavailability of centralized server and frequent mobility of nodes any malicious node can enter in network which causes the malfunctioning of network. If we are performing any confidential communication such as in Military Operation, Research Activity Communication then any malicious node can breach the confidentiality or may mal-function the network by disconnecting the route or denial of the services. So with a dynamic address allocation scheme, we also need a confidential routing mechanism. In this paper we proposed routing mechanism by using various parameters like efficient address allocation using DAD and the trust based forwarding scheme of node selection for setting up a route by using request reply technique over it.


Address Allocation; DAD; IP Address; Request Reply Method; Trust Counter

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