Auction algorithm is applied in the public transport network

Li Qiu man


The selection of the bus lines is an important part of the urban public transport information query. In the choice of the best path, the passengers will be considering a variety of factors, such as time and cost. Therefore, it is uncertainly. In this paper, on the basis of summing up the public transport network characteristic, from the reality, to improve the auction algorithm based on a variety of passenger bus travel considerations and the trip routes considerations. There are so many different between public transport and travel by car, such as the possibility of direct, transfer, walking time, waiting time and many other factors, so the simple shortest path calculation method does not meet the actual requirements. Therefore, this article take the transfer time and waiting time quantitative, and as a considering factor added to the improvement of the auction algorithm, and in the last example is given to verify.


Auction algorithm; Public transport network; Transfer program; The optimal path

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