Vibration Analysis of the Friction clutch Disc Using Finite Element Method

Oday Ibraheem Abdullah, Josef Schlattmann


The new direction of development of the automotive vehicle ride comfort and smooth driving is associated with the advancement of the machine parts design, e.g. the dry friction clutch, this part which consider as essential element to transfer power from engine to gearbox. In this research, a numerical technique (finite element method) is used to model a disc of friction clutch and compute the natural frequencies and mode shapes. Natural frequencies calculation has been made for frictional lining of different thicknesses and types of materials. Furthermore, the effect of dimensionless radius ratio R (R=inner disc radius/outer disc radius) on the vibration characteristics is investigated as well. The ANSYS/WORKBENCH 13 has been used to perform the numerical calculation in this paper.


Friction clutch disc; free vibration; friction material; 3D FEM

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