Study on Flame Temperature Measurement of Electric Igniter Using Multi-Spectral Radiation Thermometer

fan cheng fei


On the basis of the principle of multi-spectral radiation thermometry, the multi-spectral radiation thermometer was developed for measuring the transient temperature. By analyzing the spectral radiation characteristics of the output flame of the electric igniter, the appropriate spectral working channels were selected to measure the radiation energy. The radiation energy curves and the brightness temperature curves were got. With the reference temperature mathematical model, the true temperature T and the spectral emissivity of the output flame of the electric igniter were obtained by the least squares method and the multiple regression method. Experiments indicated that the multi-spectral thermometer would be expert in measuring the output flame temperature of the electric igniter, when the appropriate spectral working channels were selected based on analyzing the spectral radiation characteristics. This thermometry lays a foundation for the research of transient temperature field.


Flame temperature; Electric igniter; Multi-spectral radiation thermometry; Reference temperature mathematical model

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