Experimental and Interfacial Waveform investigation on Aluminum/Stainless Steel Composite Tube by Explosive Welding

Wei Deng, Ming Lu, Xiaojie Tian, Ruxun Dai


The welding experiments of Aluminum/stainless steel composite tubes were carried out by the internal explosive welding method. Aluminum/stainless steel composite tube interfacial zone was analyzed by scanning electron microscope, and the interfacial shape appears wave and the wave amplitude is small. Unlike composite plate interfacial wave, which has good periodic variation rule, composite tube interfacial wave has not good rule of periodic variation. The major reasons, which cause the difference, were that diameter of flyer tube is enlarging when the process of explosive welding of composite tube, and the time that detonation products inside the tube affect to the flyer tube is longer than that of flyer plate. Besides, compression, bending and flattening test of the composite tube mechanical properties were carried out, and no separation happened when the tests were carried. It is indicated that the composite tube has excellent properties and can endure large plastic deformation. And the quality of composite tube interface satisfies the using requirement.


Explosive welding; Al/stainless steel composite tube; Interfacial wave; Combination quality

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