Microwave Absorption Properties of Flake Graphite and Carbonyl-iron Particles filled Aliphatic Polyurethane Resin

Xinwei Ji, Ming Lu, Feng Ye


Microwave absorbing coatings composed of carbonyl iron particles (CIP) and flake graphite (FG) as absorbent and Aliphatic Polyurethane (APT)Resin as matrix were prepared with the method of spraying. The electromagnetic properties of the CIP/FG composites as a function of the frequency and the mass fraction of FG were studied. Their electromagnetic and microwave absorbing properties could be tuned by changing the weight fraction of FG at 4–18 GHz. The electromagnetic parameters increase with increasing the FG contents in the composites. Meanwhile, the peak value of reflectivity moves to low frequency and the minimum reflection loss (RL) value reached −36 dB at 6.0 GHz. The absorption range with RL lower than −10 dB was obtained at 5.23–8.32 GHz for absorber filled with 50 wt.% CIP and 7.5 wt.% FG at 1.2 mm. The surface density of the fabricated coatings is approximately 2.7 . It is an effective method to fabricate absorbing materials by mixing magnetic absorber CIP and FG as conductive absorber filled insulating APT, meeting the requirements of RAMs.


Flake graphite; carbonyl iron particles; reflectivity; electromagnetic wave absorbing coating

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