Thermal Comfort Study and Ventilation Evaluation of an Office

Basharia Yousef


This paper presents our finding pertaining to thermal comfort parameters, air exchange rate, age of air values and air exchange effectiveness in main office of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Department of University Putra (UPM) Malaysia. It was an air-conditioned office. The tracer gas decay method has been applied during the experimental procedures employed to determine air exchange rate, age of air and, air exchange effectiveness simultaneously, thermal comfort variables were measured. It was found that the office was slightly cool based on ISO 7730, but result of survey revealed that staff found condition to be slightly cool to cool. The results of ventilation study indicate air flow patterns in the occupied zones which approximate “perfect mixing" and the  measured air exchange rate is also indicate that the provision of outside air for ventilation is adequate.


Thermal comfort; Survey; Tracer decay technique; age of air; air exchange rate.

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