Prediction of Catalytic Converter Efficiency in Natural Gas Engine for Nitrogen Monoxide and Carbon Monoxide Emission Control

Basharia Yousef


The objective of this study is to carry out simulation on catalytic converter design and efficiency in a cold start natural gas engine for nitrogen monoxide and carbon monoxide emission control. CFD code FLUENT 6.0 was used for prediction of catalytic converter light-off temperature and efficiency. Cold start and light-off temperatures is the acceptable worst scenario for compressed natural gas (CNG) engine pollutants abatement in order to achieve low emission vehicle. The simulation result was then verified via experimental data published in literature. The simulation of catalytic converter light-off temperature for NO and CO were proved to be satisfactory when compared to presented experimental result. The light off temperature for NO conversion at 583 K and CO conversion at 523 K and all within measured values from literature. This work possible to simulate combustion using CFD software.


Catalytic converter; Natural gas vehicle; Nitrogen monoxide; Carbon monoxide.

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