Dental Public Health! A mistaken Identity

Abhinav Singh, Bharathi Purohit


Abstract – Public health dentistry in India is also known as Community dentistry. Apart from few, most of the schools in India do not understand what community dentistry is about. Taken as means of increasing number of patients to dental schools; an advertisement agency for the schools. Who is to be blamed? Who is responsible for these misconceptions? Public health dentistry in India has become a moral science, both for students and faculty. The problem being faced is of mistaken identity or an identity crisis. The meaning of words public, health and dentistry all seems lost. Cynicism is not the answer. We as public health dentists still think things can change, but right kind of voices needs to be raised at the right platforms. Public health dentistry is not just a paper which undergraduates and postgraduates have to clear to obtain the degree. It is much beyond that. It is dentistry for the entire community and nation.


Dental public health, developing countries, leadership in dentistry, policy change, critical issues in Indian dental education; policy issues in dental education

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