One to Hundred

Abhinav Singh, Bharathi Purohit


Work in department of public health dentistry includes taking lectures and practical classes for the students, conducting regular health education and treatment camps, operating satellite clinics in rural areas and also to undertake research activities. It is therefore not difficult to realize the quantum of work being done by the department. However, dental council of India (DCI) has a different perspective. According to DCI, minimum staff requirement to run the department of public health dentistry is just one reader. Lets not fool anyone; it’s not a fiction of imagination. We as professionals fail to understand that how can one faculty run the entire department activities inclusive of community and research work. Cynicism is not the answer. We need to find a very amicable solution to it. We as public health dentists still think things can change, but right kind of voices needs to be raised at the right platforms. It’s a part of our professional duty and our responsibility towards our students and the people.


Dental council of India; Public health dentistry; dental public health; community dentistry

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