Engaging Dental Workforce in Emergency services

Abhinav Singh, Bharathi Purohit


It is evident from recent catastrophic events that the traditional medical system may be overwhelmed because most of the medical centre operates close to capacity on a daily basis. Add the generation of mass causalities (Tsunami: Japan 2011; India 2004; Terrorist attacks 26-11 or 9-11) into the equation, then basic life saving responses becomes more impossible. Therefore there is a need to marshal all available resources in response to a disaster. Dentists and dental specialists can bring a wide range of skill sets based on personal experience, training and enthusiasm. Members of public health, emergency planning and other stakeholders must be encouraged to involve dentists as team members of the national disaster plan development. Dental surgeons have basic skills and abilities that allow them to function as partners with other health care provider in responding to a disaster.


Dental workforce; emergency responses; mass causality; disaster events

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