An antioxidant-rich fermented substrate produced by a newly isolated bacterium showing antimicrobial property against human pathogen, may be a potent nutraceutical in the near future

Anupam Roy, Kalyani Khanra, Sreyajit Saha, Chandan Bhattacharya, Anjan Mishra, Nandan Bhattacharyya


A specific strain able to produce ethanol (in single step from boiled rice) has been isolated, characterized and its fermented product is analyzed. Ethanol (4.2 %v/v) is produced within 72 hours. Besides, fermented product is rich in antioxidant and showed antimicrobial activity against few gram positive and gram negative human pathogens. The pH, reducing sugar, total sugar, protein and calorific value of the fermented slurry are 3.45+0.05, 6.57+0.22 mg/ml, 53.27+2.02 mg/ml, 0.62+1.13 mg/ml and 54.21+0.81 kcal/100 ml, respectively. The comparative sensory analysis shows this product is comparable to beer. The 16S rDNA analysis exhibits maximum sequence identity with Bacillus megaterium, strain IAM 13418 (99%). Although some of the biochemical properties does not match with neither of them.


16S rDNA analysis; antioxidant; single step process

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