A New Approach to Solving Class of Local Fractional Volterra Integral Equation

Yang Xiao-Jun


The Yang-Laplace transforms [W. P. Zhong, F. Gao, In: Proc. of the 2011 3rd International Conference on Computer Technology and Development, 209-213, ASME, 2011] in fractal space is a generalization of Laplace transforms derived from the local fractional calculus. In this letter we discuss a new approach to handling a class of local fractional Volterra integral equations by using the methodology of the Yang-Laplcace transforms based on the local fractional calculus.  It is shown that it is an efficient method for solving a class of local fractional Volterra integral equation.




Local fractional Volterra integral equations; Yang-Laplcace transforms; Local fractional calculus; Fractal space

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