Research Agenda on Secure High Performance Computing Facility in Cloud Environment

M Sudha, M. Monica


Abstract - Cloud computing is an on-demand service model often based on virtualization and distributed computing technologies. Cloud computing enhances collaboration, agility, scale, availability and provides the potential for cost reduction through optimized and efficient .In many cases, users can purchase cloud services with a credit card and begin to use them almost immediately. The features that make cloud computing so appealing combined with the fact that services are publicly accessible, lead to many potential risks. Security and privacy may represent the biggest risks to moving services to external clouds. One of the most serious concerns is the possibility of confidentiality violations. Either maliciously or accidentally, cloud provider’s employees can tamper with or leak a company’s data. Such actions can severely damage the reputation or finances of a company. In order to prevent confidentiality violations, cloud environment requires efficient security architectures. The intent of this research work is to investigate the existing security architectures and monitoring system and to design a new technique that can be very well incorporated in the existing infrastructure to store and deliver data safely to ensure secure high performance cloud.



Cloud Computing; Confidentiality; Privacy and security Assessment

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