Women’s Liberation in Jane Eyre

Qing Yu, Tao Zhou, Cheng Gao


Jane Eyre becomes the representative of women’s literature, because the theme highlights the thought of women’s liberation. The female consciousness conveys the desire and pursuit of women. It emphasizes the value of woman. Undoubtedly, the performance of Charlotte Bronte’s feminist consciousness is to go beyond that era, but also has brought resounding answer to the era of female emancipation. In this paper, a new woman image of Jane Eyre as the axis expresses the awakening of female consciousness and makes female independence through self-struggle and fight for dignity. It shows the concerns and consideration about the liberation of women. The paper reexamines Jane Eyre in the clear-cut feminist consciousness from different angles, highlighting the significance of women’s emancipation.


women’s liberation; women’s image; human dignity; independence; social status

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