Psychological Reality: A Psycholinguistic Perspective

Kamran Mehrgan


There is some debate over the stance of linguistics as psychology and the psychological reality of grammars. Scholars argue that linguistic structures which are rendered psychologically real are psychologically active. These are some assumptions for which there is no direct physical evidence. Chomsky is among the champions who hold that linguistic competence is a psychological reality. Some believe that the linguistic constructs that figure in the grammar are not intended to be psychologically real. However, some contend that the theory of Universal Grammar is psychologically real and the principles it incorporates are true since they are consistent with external reality. Linguists and psycholinguists who pursue the generative paradigm are in favor of the psychological reality of linguistic rules. This article makes endeavors to depict the ideas and contentions concerning the psychological reality and linguistic theories and reviews the critical stances which agree and disagree with the psychological reality in linguistics.


Psychological Reality; Linguistics; Universal Grammar; Psycholinguistics.

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