Revisiting Age and GenderInfluence in Second Language Acquisition

Mahsa Saligheh


There is no doubt that language acquisition process is a complex process which involves several  factors, and that this process is highly influenced due to plasticity of the brain. Furthermore, the types of memory systems involved in females and males are also have a pivotal role that makes the genders distinct. The researchers claim, age and gender, are among the factors that run in parallel with other factors that deeply influence language acquisition process such as motivation, personality, styles, strategies, gender and age. The present study attempts to investigate the last two factors: age and gender. Given the importance placed on the role on age and gender, the researchers hold they are not the necessary conditions for second language acquisition. However, the writers claim that genetically there are some benefits that can be reaped for those who begin L2 acquisition early.  Furthermore, both males and females are equipped with  some predetermined tendencies that would be helpful for them to acquire some aspects of language much faster and easier.

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