English Grammatical Collocations in Azeri

parisa farrokh


It is now widely acknowledged that collocations play an important role in second and foreign language learning as well as in translation. Collocations have the features of being largely arbitrary and independent of meaning within and across languages, consequently, collocations could pose a tremendous challenge in translation, particularly if the translator lacks the ability to identify and recognize such collocational patterns. This study aims at investigating the translation of English grammatical collocations to find the acceptable equivalents for them in Azeri. Based on Benson et al’s classification of collocations, there are two types of collocations, lexical and grammatical collocations. In this research, the Azeri translations of grammatical collocations of noun + to-infinitive and predicative adjective + to-infinitive have been analyzed. Based on the analysis of data, it has been cleared that in Azeri, noun + to-infinitive and predicative adjective + to-infinitive are translated as “infinitive +noun” and “infinitive+ predicative adjective” respectively. This research is corpus-based study, both qualitative and quantitative.


translation; translation problems; collocation; grammatical collocation; corpus-based study

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